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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My natural hair is a loosely coiled 4b - 4c texture based hair typing here. So to get the hair style in the posts below, I followed these quick and easy steps:
Lipstick: Sleek matte
Earrings: New Look

Firstly, you'd need:

Hair gel e.g ecostyler
A spray bottle with just water
Styling oil of choice e.g. Olive Oil/ Macadamia
Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on the length and volume of hair)

Starting off with freshly washed, hair dried, un-stretched hair, I:

Sectioned hair into 4 parts.
Applied Gel.
Twisted up.
Rolled the twist up into a bantu-knot.
Left to set overnight with a satin scarf in place or a satin pillow.
unravel the bantu knots following morning

This video follows on from the bantu knot:

Style and go!
Hope you enjoyed this :)


    Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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    the checked shirt | OOTD

     I think it's come to the time of the year where babies are in full bloom and I feel blessed and lucky to know a couple of family friends who are celebrating.

       Top: Old checked shirt (Matalan)
    Shoes: (Aldo)
    Bag: Old/ vintage (Primark)
    Jeans: (Gap)

    At least this is what I wore/ would wear, comment or suggest other ideas below :)

    Why your old toothbrush might be your hair's best friend

    Before I say start, I would like to clarify the categories of people that this particular post relate to. Having an African British heritage, I am more biased towards understanding 4a-4c hair types. However, my biracial and asian friends agree on some aspects of this technique as stated.
     silver baby brush


    Monday, 23 June 2014

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    Magazine Review | Elle

    What is back on trend? Elle magazine tells us.

    This month on the June 2014 issue of Elle, we find out what's new out there in the fashion world. We discover stylish high street swimsuits (pg 113-122) that are a must try this summer. We discuss 'The relationship taboo' and Amanda Seyfried gives us insight into her lifestyle including the undisputed relationship talk!

    What I love most about Elle is its ability to cover a wide range of topics and stay on track with fashion updates every new month. I am not a particular fan of fashion magazines but this brand lives up to its name. I might even consider signing up for their monthly issue!

    Oh the smell of new magazines, I love it!

    Flipping through the pages has got me all so excited for an outfit post. Seeing that I'd be attending a black tie event later in the few upcoming weeks, I am almost too itchy to do a blog post on what I would be wearing. My inspiration has particularly stemmed from the idea of an all angelic but sultry look. I cannot wait to show you the full post in July.

    Look inspiration: Next Lace Dress

    Check out the website and hold on tight for my next upcoming outfit post... What to wear to a naming ceremony/ baby shower.

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